Why SUI?

Stress-free merchant screening and fast service implement!

Our merchant screening is conducted in a day at the fastest. We do not require unnecessary, meaningless documents unlike other Japanese credit card companies and banks. We request documents that are absolutely required for merchant screening upon making a contract.

Japanese card companies and banks have very strict regulations for merchants screening which make it hard and time-consuming. Therefore, credit card merchant screening in Japan usually takes 1.5 months to 3 months even for Japanese owners and companies. Credit card merchant application requires an enormous amount of documents for screening. Therefore it also requires a great deal of effort and costs for prospective merchants.


Dear business owners, please reconsider this. Introduction of credit card settlement does cost you a great deal of manpower if it takes many days to prepare required documents, application form, and other matters. You can reduce a significant cost if it is easier and faster to introduce credit card settlement.

SUI Credit Settlement Service is proactively offering its services to self-employed individuals who like to start credit card settlement. As a result we are receiving positive feedback from them.

In addition, we provide diverse payment methods including Web payment, Card reader payment and mobile payment to support all kind of situations. You can use multiple methods for different needs with a single merchant account.



Effective payment methods to capture sales opportunities.

SUI Credit Settlement Service’s motto is to provide payment services for merchants to capture every single sales opportunity.

We provide various payment methods including web payment for online shop companies, Card reader payment for shop owners who take payments in front of customers, and mobile payment for those who take payment on road and event venues.

It is SUI Credit Settlement Service’s belief that merchants’ sales can be significantly increased by a credit card payment structure which is fast, safe and simple. In addition to web payments, mobile and card reader payments, our standard services include Auto-renewable subscription for monthly membership and other payments as well as pre-authorized payment which reserves a certain amount of credit in advance.


There are many credit settlement services in the market which emphasized heavily on high security and functionality that resulting lack of user activities. Our priorities in the credit settlement services are the increase of merchants’ business opportunities and sales.


Furthermore, we provide multilingual display on the settlement screen as a standard service so merchants can take full advantage of business opportunities with foreign visitors that are increasing in recent years.

When a customer tries to purchase a product on a merchant’s website with credit card, our settlement screen detects the language used on the customer’ s screen and display it in the customer’s language. For example, it detects English font for a customer from an English-spoken country. This feature allows increasing the number of purchase on your website.

See the sample of our multilingual settlement screen from here. Click here to confirm credit settlement screen. ※ Link (The link will be opened in a new page. It is under construction.)


Cheaper initial cost with SUI credit card settlement

Please compare with other companies. Our settlement services are very cheap for its high functionality. (Initial fee 3,150 yen, monthly fee 1,050 yen). Our service fee is also the most reasonable rate in Japan. We also offer a significant discount depending on the customer’s business size. SUI credit settlement service has succeeded with reducing a significant operation cost and made it possible to offer the lowest level of credit settlement fee in the industry.


Settlement management screen that is easy o the eyes and user-friendly

We provide all merchants with settlement management screen (sales summary screen). Our settlement management screen is well received. It is easy on the eyes and costs only 1,050 yen per month to view daily and monthly sales as well as extracting sales trend data.

For companies with multiple branches, we offer separate management screen functions for Headquarter and branches which is a convenient management method for Headquarter to manage multiple branches’ sales.

You can download payment status, monthly summary, and required sales summary in Excel and CSV formats.

Management screen function is also supported for multiple languages such as English and Japanese so it is perfect for international companies that have accounting department in overseas’ Headquarter to summarize sales.

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