SUI Payment System

1. Sophisticated settlement management screen

Settlement management screen is available for all merchants.

It is a tool to check and manage sales status on a merchant’s URL. The settlement management screen is very easy to review for owners and accounting staff. Details of items and functions are described in Help page. More detailed information for operation is provided by our representative staff.


Functions for Customer Management Screen



1. Sales confirmation

You can always confirm sales at real time by selecting a period of time as well as searching specifics such as sales per branch or sales representative.


2. Sales Graph

You can display sales of a specified period in a graph as well as annual sales trend and monthly sales.



3. Download various data

You can download search result of sales data in tsv, csv and excel formats.


4. Cancellation of payment

You can submit “request of payment cancellation” any time by searching the appropriate transaction on Management screen. Our management centre will cancel the transaction after confirming the request of payment cancellation.



5. Auto-renewable subscriptions

We provide auto-renewable subscription that allows automatic credit card settlement on your specified cycle such as weekly and monthly. You can also specify your unique settlement date such as the 7th or 10th of each month. You can stop auto-renewable subscription from Management screen if you wish to stop the service.


SUI Settlement Service’s Management screen is supported for English.


SUI Settlement Service also supports international companies that have branches and sales offices in overseas.


2. Web Payment Link-type

1. You can select your favorite design for the Settlement screen from templates.

14 kinds of templates are available for your Settlement screen. You can choose the design most suited for your website’s image. You can also customize the design to better suite your website. If you wish to customize, please contact our sales representative.


※ Examples of templates

Click image to enlarge.


2. Save payment information

When you process a card payment for a repeat customer who has a purchase history, you can use a save function to easily bring up the previous information. It brings up customer’s name, address and telephone number on Settlement screen which allows you an easy payment process by omitting those information.


3. Highly secured

SUI credit settlement service provides 3D secure authentication which is a very safe credit card settlement method. With 3D secure authentication, respective credit card company’s authentication page will be opened in a separate window where you enter a security code to complete the payment.


 3. Credit card settlement page automatically supports 8 languages!

It automatically detects the preferred language of your browser and automatically displays the language including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Korean.

Many of our merchants are operating their businesses internationally and dealing with end-users who use many different languages. Therefore, SUI credit settlement services developed a multi-language support to bring up Settlement screen based on the language (Unicode) which is setup on end-user’s computer. This will reduce the end-users’ frustration over language barrier upon payment and promote them to purchase your products.

Click image to enlarge.

Sample of English page

Sample of Chinese page

Sample of French page

Sample of Korean page

Sample of Spanish page


4. Images of various settlement screens

You can process payment on conventional mobile phones as well as smart phones. It detects the user’s mobile terminal and brings up an appropriate settlement screen suited for the terminal.


Images of Settlement screen on mobile phones





You can process payment anywhere with mobile phones or smart phones.

Mobile payments are also highly secured with CVV input to give you a piece of mind.


Simple and easy payment with SUI Settlement Service.

It is SUI Credit Settlement Service’s belief that good payment service should be structured fast, safe and easy. We believe such a credit card payment services can significantly increase merchants’ sales.

There are many credit settlement services in the market which emphasized heavily on high security and functionality that resulting complicated to operate and use. On the other hand, our priorities in the credit settlement services are the increase in merchants’ business opportunities and sales.


Images of Settlement screen on tablet devices




You can process payment on tablet devices on the road or at a store as long as internet connection is available.

You can safely process payment while a customer confirms the Settlement screen in front of you.


The SUI Credit Settlement Service also offers functions more advanced and more detailed setup. For details, please see SUI’s payment specification for connection and Help page. As for customizing further functionality, please contact our sales representative or a system engineer.



Sales Details

Merchant’s sales transaction details are available to download from Merchant’s screen in prior to payout date. The details list the transactions during the specific period for payout, summary of required fees such as service fees and authentication fees as well as the actual net payout amount to the merchant.

Payment for merchant’s sales is sent to a specified bank account according to the amount shown on the sales detail.


※ Please note payment detail is only an example. Service fees differ depending on merchants’ industries.


We strive to develop user-friendly services and system for all merchants. Credit card payments are popular service for everyone young to older people. Please contact us if you have any feedback or ideas to improve our services. We take merchant’s feedback seriously and strive to improve our services every day.


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