Price and Payment Cycle


*Service fee is not refundable when a sales transaction is cancelled. Cancellation fee is charged to the merchant at 100 yen per a transaction.

*If a charge-back is occurred, charge-back amount (equivalent of payment amount) and charge-back fee are charged to the merchant. Note: Charge-back fee is 5,000 yen per a transaction.

*For merchants operating franchise and multiple branches, if they manage sales collectively, we provide a discount on the initial and monthly fees . Please contact our sales representative for more information.

*Service fees differ depending on the merchant’s industry and sales volume.

*Service fees and payment cycle are largely different depending on merchant’s sales volume, service contents, and Expert connection on Gateway as it is provided with Merchant account service. Please contact our sales representative for more details.

*For a card reader, only shipping fee is charged to the merchant. (approximately 700 to 800 yen)


Payment cycles

Details of Semi-monthly payments:

Cut-off on 10th of the month/payment at the end of the month.

Cut-off on 25th of the month/payment on the 15th of the following month.

Monthly payment is also available with a cut-off at the end of the month and payment on the 20th the following month.

Conventionally, Japanese credit card companies are accustomed to monthly payment cycle. However, we started semi-monthly payment based on merchants’ requests for faster payment cycle. It is our best interests to better serve merchants with credit card settlement which is why we accommodate with semi-monthly payment cycle. * Please note there are some exceptions depending on the merchant screening result.


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