Payment by Mobile Phone

Mobile payment

It is a credit card settlement service which uses a mobile phone as a credit card payment terminal.

Credit card payment is available anywhere as long as your mobile phone is ready to use.

Credit payment terminal is not required so you can reduce the cost.

It is also supported for smart phones.

It is a perfect payment service for all kind of locations including shops, offices, and customers’ offices.

There is no need to carry around a payment terminal or a computer when you are on the road.

It also does not require a special setting but is available by simply entering information according to the screen guidance.

Payment receipt is emailed to the client upon payment completion.

“Receipt of payment completion” is also cced to the merchant’s registered email address.

You can use a card reader terminal at your shop as well as a mobile payment on the road.


Flow of mobile phone payment

Log in to the payment screen for merchants and enter information according to the screen guidance such as the card information and the payment amount.


Confirmation screen will appear once all the information is entered. Click “Process payment” if you don’t need to modify the information.


Once the payment is processed, it displays “payment completed successfully”.

Simultaneously, receipt of the payment will be emailed to the client and the merchant.


Payment is complete only in 3 steps! It is easy and convenient mobile credit card settlement service.


You can process payment anywhere in the world as long as you can use your mobile phone.



Advantages of mobile phone payments

1st Advantage

Since your mobile phone acts as a credit card payment terminal, you can process payment anywhere nationwide as long as your mobile phone can be used. You can process payment even in areas without WIFI.


2nd advantage

No cost for CAT terminal.


3rd advantage

Having received tremendous credibility from finance companies, SUI Credit Service have developed its own screening system and realized the fastest introduction of the services in the industry. With SUI, you can make a merchant contract within 2 days at earliest. Credit card settlement services will be available to merchants on the 2nd day.


Credit card settlement services are ideal for following businesses and events.

・Door-to-door merchants

・consultant companies

・Event companies

・Use for non-profit organizations’ social contribution activities (for donation and membership fee)

It is also available for many other industries.

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