Payment by Card Reader

Advantages of our card reader payment service

1). It is an ideal credit payment for cafes, restaurants and bars as well as businesses like consultant companies. It is a compact terminal that can be used everywhere.

Credit card payment in addition to cash payment allows merchants to increase sales per customer and number of repeaters. Being a credit card merchant also allows you to promote your business credibility.


2). Supported for credit card payment by telephone.

Our office staff manually process payments according to the client’s card information provided over the telephone. It is ideal when customers cannot come to our office or when they would like advance payment.


3). Easy and quick operability

It is easy to use for everyone.

Insert it to a desktop or laptop computer to start using it.

Card readers read the card information and complete payments without having customers wait.


4). No expensive Cat terminal required. Free rental of the terminal.

Installation of a terminal is usually expensive and time-consuming. However, SUI card reader service offers inexpensive terminal costs and is available with a quick contract. Please contact us if you are considering an introduction of the services.


The services are ideal for following businesses and events.

・consultant companies

・Salon shops

・Sport gyms and various schools

・Door-to-door merchants


・Use for special events

・Use for non-profit organizations’ social contribution activities (for donation and membership fee)


Flow of a Card Reader payment

 Step 1

Connect to the card reader sent from us with a USB port on your desktop or laptop computer.

※ Card reader lights up if it’s properly connected.

※ If it does not light up or it flashes, please contact our sales representative as it might be a defect.


Step 2

Go to “Merchant card reader payment screen” to open the payment screen.


Step 3

Swipe the card by placing its magnetic surface face-down.

If it reads successfully, it will display the next screen.

※ If the card isn’t properly read due to magnetic failure on the card, please click “▲ Enter manually” to proceed to the next screen.


Step 4

When the card is successfully read, card number, name and expiration date will be automatically entered. Please manually enter the amount and CVV and then click “▲ Confirm”.

※ It is optional to enter a phone number and E-mail address.

If you enter an E-mail address, receipt of the payment will be emailed to the client.

※ Please assure to enter correct credit card number, customer name and expiration date if you are manually entering.


Step 5

Once again, verify if the entered information is correct, and click “▲ Process payment”.

If you need to correct the entered information, click “▲ Correction” to go back to the previous screen.


Step 6

Once it displays a message of “payment completed successfully”, click “▲Print” to display the print page and print the receipt.

→ Please have the client sign on the merchant’s hard copy.

(The signature must be identical with the one on the back of the card.)

→ Give the customer’s copy of receipt to complete the transaction.


This service is also available for tablet devices.


It is easy to carry around and allows you to process payment anywhere. Therefore you can process a payment at your customer’s office or at a shop using wireless network.


Sales opportunities by credit cards are increasing in various industries today. We believe we should quickly accommodate with such a demand.


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