Introduction Examples

Our introduction examples.
There are many situations to use credit payment facilities in today. The sample voices are mentioned below that we heard from our merchants.
25th Mar 2015


Website Design and HP maker merchant

Since the price varies depending on the customer’s request, we use an email settlement services and set different bill amount for each customer. This is quite convenient for us since we only paste the URL of the credit settlement into email. We also put an advertisement and amend the email contents to obtain more orders from customers. In addition, since SUI Credit Services has been providing open shopping cart such as osCommerce and ZenCart, we can propose to customers to use these shopping carts when their website order was received. Moreover, we also use the card reader settlement services. We received many orders on websites design from Japanese customers and the payment is made at the time of the contract with them. As long as we have a PC and card reader, we don’t have to worry anymore about the payment. Recently, we also use iPad for credit settlement.


Online Shopping Merchant

We applied for SUI Credit Services because they have a quick charge function. By using this function, it allows the customers to purchase the goods for the second time without having to enter the all information of credit card settlement that will lead to convenience for customer. Since repeat customers have put their trust into us, the next important thing is how to ensure the customers can purchase the goods smoothly. We changed the credit settlement screen with the design similar to the image of their website that function is included in SUI Credit Service that made us more profitability because of the customer usage and natural payment screen transition.


School and Education Center

We didn’t use credit settlement services until we got a complaint from our students. At first, we thought that the credit settlement is somehow difficult to contract and to use the services. But it is so simple and easy to follow the steps of card reader settlement which provided from SUI Credit Service.
We were so impressed processed the credit settlement, easy and fast!
We use SUI Credit Service’s card reader settlement and CSV batch services for our school. We have about 70 students and we need to purchase each month for their school tuition fee. The tuition fee varies depending on the subject and each student has different fees. By using SUI Credit Service’s CSV batch services, the credit settlement is easily done at once by changing the amount for each student. Through the Merchant Control Panel provided by SUI, we have changed the amount of money from the list of students accordingly of last month by press the button only. With this function, it helps us tremendously to bill each student at different fee.


Beauty salon

I had been thinking to contract credit card service for my beauty salon. But it was quite difficult to contract with credit card Company for my esthetic salon in Japan. Because of the credit company regulation that is mentioned that they cannot provide the credit payment service for merchants who has Service Transactions. However SUI credit service has contracts with Japanese banks and overseas banks. It makes them possible to provide their credit services for esthetic salons and other service merchants like massage shops or private schools. Of course there are many credit settlement companies like SUI in Japan. But SUI service fee is very reasonable compare those other settlement companies. I will really recommend you to have their services.

Detective office

We would like to present to you a settlement Case Study of a detective office, as follows below.


There is a wide range of survey orders, for example: background check and stalker-related issues, cheating investigations and background check and research investigations. The cheating investigation service in Japan offers great quality reliability and performance and a great span and deep insight into a wide range of matters such as a runaway investigation and various surveys.


We need good reputation that`s why we need and would like to emphasize that our detective agency CAN provide CREDIT SERVICE to our Customers. Because our clients are not always necessarily coming directly to our office, basically a bank transfer will usually be performed. In addition, because of the high project costs, clients would strongly prefer to pay by the credit card if possible. Our priorities are good reputations and responsibility for our clients that why we need to use a credit service to increase the efficiency and reliability of our office.


The mobile phone settlement provided by SUI Credit Service makes this service easy, fast and extremely safe and convenient to use even when we meet our clients outside the office or even when we are visiting our clients. I was pleased and relieved that I could propose a credit card payment service which could be used on the spot. In addition, another fact that is extremely important and worth mentioning is that the billing name that is mentioned in the bill is that of the credit card settlement service, rather than the Detective’s Office name. Because of this extremely safe and convenient service provided by SUI Credit Service I was very relieved when I heard that it is the name SUI Credit Service.


THIS IS A GREAT AND VERY IMPORTANT POSITIVE POINT! So if you hesitate to contract with a Detective Agency with or if you are worried about your privacy we can take care of your privacy and safety. SUI Credit Service can guarantee my agency the privacy that is so important and indispensable in my field of expertise.


Our sales and our performance are increasing because our payment is getting more frequently. We don`t need to use the bank transfer every time, that`s why I am very satisfied with SUI credit service.


Together with SUI Credit Service we can guarantee your satisfaction and provide you a first rate quality service from our heart and with our utmost pleasure!!!


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